Simple Skateboard Techniques: A List Of Basic Tricks For Newbies

beginner skateboard tricks

It's a wonderful feeling when you're ready to learn skateboarding tricks. Before you can begin learning more challenging tricks, master the basics of skating and flat-ground tricks. This will allow you to develop your balance and control over the board. Diving right into the hard skateboarding techniques before you have mastered your balance and movements could make injuries like broken bones, sprains and concussions a greater danger. In this article, we will demonstrate some beginner skateboard tricks.

Prior to learning skateboard tricks, you need to have the following abilities

Begin with the basics: getting on and off your board smoothly while reworking your stance and developing a better balance while you're rolling. When you've gained confidence and skills with these basics, get familiar with carving (leaning to turn) and maintaining speed. These 9 tricks are suitable ideal for those who are just beginning.

Learn to Ride Switch

Technically, riding switch isn't really a trick per se, but it's one of the techniques you should have down because you'll need it as you build up to more advanced skateboard tricks. It's just skating with the opposite footing that you normally do. For instance, if you normally put your left foot on the front and pump using your right foot, riding switch would mean you're wearing your right foot on the front and you're pumping using your left. Master this ability and you open the door to tons of tricks that build on this method.


Again, this technique isn't quite as impressive an act as an ollie. However, it's another one of those things you need to learn to do when skating on ramps and bowls. Drop-in is as simple as balancing your head on the bowl or ramp. Then, let the board move in the direction of the momentum. Although it can seem scary initially, this method can boost your confidence, and also allow you to do more advanced tricks.


Manual, also known as pulling a manny, is similar to popping a wheelie onto your bicycle. To do manuals, just remove the front of your board so that you're riding on the back wheels. You don't need to ride a manny for long, but rolling along some feet is a great technique to increase your balancing skills. Try a run-through at the skate park using this technique to develop your skills to integrate it into tricks for hops, such as the hippie jump.

The Kick Turn

The kick turn helps make the skating process more efficient, especially when you're cruising at quicker speeds. To master the kick turn, put one foot on the tail of your skateboard, putting towards that side. The other foot is in front of the board, and as you shift your weight into your back foot, the front of the skateboard should rise up.

You can pivot forward or backwards when your nose is only about a couple of inches above the ground. It's helpful to master the art of a kickflip.

The Tic-Tac

Tic-Tac is a back-and-forth kick turn that rotates your body by a few degrees. This lets you push yourself forward with small side-to-side turns. You can apply more force to the ground to increase momentum and speed through carving smaller Tic-Tacs. This is an excellent method to improve balance and strength, especially when you're carving through the skatepark.